Bed Sheet, Mink Blanket and Polar Fleece Fabric Supplier in Brazil
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Bedsheet, Mink Blanket and Polar Fleece Fabric Supplier in Brazil

Bed Sheets

Looking for something better to reinvent the look of your bed room and your comfort at the same time? Congratulation! You are at the highest place because BIRMI is the best bed sheet and Supplier in Brazil, Whose bed sheets are going to give you long term happiness by delivering the best bed sheets. BIRMI Bed sheets are made up by the use of different fibers, such as linen, cotton, cotton synthetics and sometimes silk. BIRMI made bed sheets from a huge variety of fabrics. Precale is popular because it is a plain cotton sheet which is comfortable and very smooth against your skin and Precale is muslin (lightweight cotton cloth in a plain weave). During winter season, Flannel sheets are the popular ones that are woven with cotton fibers which provide additional warmness. Birmi’s Silk bed sheets and Satin Bed sheets are novelty in Brazil.

Birmi Bed Sheet in Brazil
Birmi Mink Blankets in Brazil

Mink Blankets

After going through all the stress and the hard work when you get tired the only thing every individual need is a healthy napping. Here is the thing, BIRMI is the best supplier of mink blankets in Brazil and their blankets will definitely going to fulfill your happy napping desire and the coolest thing is they are the supplier as well. Mink Blankets are also called as Faux Mink Blankets but this is not what it means, Mink blankets have nothing to do with mink fur or any other type of fur. Rather than mink blankets whether it is Korean, Chinese or any other type of mink blanket suppliers are made from a kind of synthetic raw material (mostly acrylic). Mink blankets are made up of acrylic synthetic and polyester, It includes 85% of acrylic synthetic and 15% of polyester. The Softness of a mink blanket comes from the use of acrylic material whereas the polyester helps mink blanket from wrinkling.

Polar Fleece Fabric

Never limit your desire, Let’s Join the movement of comfort with Top-notch Polar Fleece supplier in Brazil. Feel the next level of comfort with BIRMI so that you could have a satisfying sleep and wakeup with determination which will lead you to the long term happiness. Polar Fleece Fabric was the product of a textile company in Massachusetts named as Malden Mills. Malden Mills had tasted some success over the years by using fake-fur products. in 1979, Malden Mills started devoting their time and resources to create a synthetic fabric that was light in weight just like a baby blanket is made. After that Malden Mills started a partnership with a California based company who used to deal in making the outdoor gear for hiking enthusiasts. They managed to bring an outcome which was able to keep body heat, protect skin from moisturizing and still light in weight and resistible.

Birmi Polar FLeece Fabric inBrazil