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Bed Sheets

BIRMI deals in supplying of bed sheets in the Middle East. BIRMI picks the cotton bales carefully for supplier of bed sheets. After that, these bales are then classified lengthwise and their quality-wise. The length of the cotton bales plays a very important role in deciding the quality of cotton bales. If the fibers are short in length that are sent for battling further whereas the longer fibers are used for finer quality like Egyptian Cotton. The medium-length fibers are classified as medium grade. Lower-grade bales can not produce a high-quality product. We deliver the best quality bed sheets to our valuable customers all over the world. We believe in providing complete satisfaction to our customers by delivering the best quality bed sheets to them. Our Bed sheets are highly demanded in the Middle East because of our finest use of raw material and best quality customer support.
Bed Sheet Supplier in Panipat
Mink Blanket Supplier in Panipat

Mink Blankets

BIRMI is the best supplier of Mink blankets in the Middle East. BIRMI has a premium collection of mink blankets. The premium collection by BIRMI is so well designed that it adds style to every kind of room decor’s theme. BIRMI has a diverse range of colors and designs. The Mink blanket range is available in different sizes as per customer’s request. BIRMI offers the best quality Mink blankets at the best price available. Only Korea is not the country that makes the premium blankets. We agree that Korea is the best country to make mink blankets but there is a German company which produces the best blanket acrylic. The trademark name is “DRALON” and it is considered to be the best blankets acrylic. we import this acrylic in our Middle East unit to make blankets that are considered to be the finest quality blanket in the world. We makes mostly premium-grade colorful designs and premium solids.

Polar Fleece Fabric

Demand for Polar Fleece Fabric is very high in the Middle East, And BIRMI is one of the biggest suppliers of Polar Fleece Fabric in the Middle East. Polar Fleece Fabric is made partially from the reusable plastic products. Polar Fleece fabric is very light in weight. Polar Fleece Fabric is a flexible kind of fabric. Polar fleece fabric is hydrophobic, holding even less than 1% of its weight in water. It keeps much of its insulating quality even when it is wet. Polar fleece fabric can be washed in machine and dries quickly. Polar fleece fabric is a great substitute for wool even for those whose skin is allergic to wool. Polar fleece fabric is made out of recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles and even recycled fleece. Polar fleece fabric is not a windproof fabric. Fleece fabric generates static electricity which helps in causing the accumulation of dust and lint. Low-quality polar fleece material is also prone to pill. BIRMI uses high-quality polar fleece material in the supplier of polar fleece blanket in the Middle East.

Flannel Blanket Supplier in Panipat