Polar Fleece Fabric Supplier in Spain
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Bed Sheets

BIRMI group is a well known name in the handloom industry. We are top bed sheet supplier in Spain. We have different types of bed sheets such as 3D bed sheets, Designer Bed sheets and fancy bed sheets etc. BIRMI deals in two types of bed sheets – Flat Bed Sheets and Fitted Bed Sheets. Flat bed sheets are simple and just a rectangular piece of cloth which can be easily folded and used completely flat on any kind of surface. Flat bed sheets are bed sheets which are used by us in our homes. whereas, Fitted bed sheets are the sheets which have elastic fitted in their corners. They are designed to be fit on the mattress to make the bed sheet tight on the mattress. They are difficult to fold and can not be used on any kind of surface. Fitted Bed sheets are mostly used in hotels and hospitals etc.

Birmi Bed Sheet in Spain
Birmi mink blanket in spain

Mink Blankets

Stop troubling your precious night’s sleep because of the cool temperature during the night time, and choose a blanket from BIRMI’s wide range collection to make your bed cozy and warm. According to the individual perspective, They buy the blankets by choosing the right size they want, deciding the color and design, etc. Infact there is little more in choosing the right blanket. Choosing the right blanket depends on the warmth of the blanket, the weight of the blanket, etc. BIRMI is a trusted brand in the field of supplying of Mink Blankets in Spain. BIRMI keeps all these factors in mind while the supplier process So that they can deliver the best possible product to their customers. Mink blanket helps in keeping you warmer because of the spaces between the fiber in the blanket traps warm air. Mink blankets are highly demanded all around the globe.

Polar Fleece Fabric

BIRMI is the top supplier of Polar fleece fabric in Spain. Polar fleece fabric is an insulating fabric which is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other fibers made of synthetic. Polar fleece fabric is comfortable because of its anti-perspiration quality and it also blocks humidity. BIRMI supplies Polar fleece fabric in Spain in high quantity because of its high demand in the country. Polar fleece is an extremely kind of fabric because of its structure. There is a space provided for air pockets between the threads on the pile surface on the both sides of the polar fleece fabric. It helps in keeping an individual warm even under the extreme weather conditions. Nowadays there are many suppliers in the world who deal in polar fleece garment lines and some suppliers are dealing in the manufacturing of blankets and even fabrics only. BIRMI is one of the newest leading supplier of polar fleece in Spain.

Polar Fleece Fabric Supplier in Panipat