Polar Fleece Blanket Suppliers and Manufacturer in Ludhiana, India
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Polar Fleece


Polar Fleece is one of the most important fabric in textile industry today. Made of wools but weighs only a fraction of the lightest wool out there. This fabric is very soft and waterproof to some extent. Polar fleece was globally accepted because of its versatile nature & easy availability. Our Polar Fleece Fabric is made of 100% premium quality polyester. Fleece is known for its exceptional capabilities in Winter Garments owing to its capabilities like Warmth, Softness, Attractive Appearance & its moisture wicking properties. Raw Fleece is processed & masterfully printed with designs provided by Birmi’s Textile Designing Team. Our Textile Designers keeps themselves updated by latest trends and their vast experience help us create world class designs for our products.

Our manufacturing unit in Panipat Custom make world class designs for Polar Fleece Blankets. We supply our products throughout India. We provide option of customized packaging to our customers. Our quality control team checks every product thoroughly and make sure our quality standards remain intact. We also provide customized sampling for foreign buyers. Our products are supplied throughout India and exported to Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and other parts of world. Infrastructure of Birmi Group is best in the industry, we take pride in our products as well as the quality we provide. We make sure all of our customers, Indians and from other countries stays informed about the manufacturing process & feel satisfied after the delivery of order.


Birmi Group was founded in 1993. Since then our vision is to let our products speak for the quality we provide. We use finest polyester in manufacturing Polar Fleece Blankets & Fleece Fabric. Our management themselves checks the products before delivery. We hold the reputation of Birmi at the highest and strive not to compromise with manufacturing quality in any way.